What an adventure!

As I’m sat here outside Sydney airport on our incredibly long journey home from the Commonwealth Games, I’m feeling very reflective. Perhaps it’s a serious lack of sleep or just the fact that we’re heading home but what an incredible 3 weeks it has been.

It’s amazing how much things can change in a year! Just about a year ago I was packing up my things in preparation for leaving Italy and if you had told me that within a year I would be a Commonwealth Games silver medallist, I wouldn’t have believed you! I’m delighted with my medal and proud of what I’ve achieved in the last 9 months, as surreal as it is.

For those that weren’t able to follow the competition in Australia, I was able to get 3 good lifts of 97kg, 101kg & 103kg. No PB’s just a weight I was confident with against the Kenyan, Joyce Njuguna, who pushed me to the very last lift. Because of the broad weight classes in the Para Powerlifting at the games, the AH formula is used to work out placing according to bodyweight and put simply, because Njuguna is lighter than me, I had to lift more than her. I left the calculations down to my coaches on the day and I won the silver medal by just 0.2 points! Unfortunately I was still a way off the gold medallist, Ndidi Nwosu of Nigeria, who had over 20 points more than me and lifted 120kg but this has really motivated me to get back to training and smash my next target!

I was lucky enough to have a few of my family in Australia to support me and after the competition I was able to explore the Gold Coast a little with them. I wish I’d had more time to do the tourist thing but I’ll just have to come back to Australia some time. From what I’ve seen of the country I love it!

A bit of a short post for me but we’ve got to go get on our flight to Abu Dhabi. I am sad to be leaving but so looking forward to getting home!

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  1. Well done Lou, you have done so well, in proud of you, even at school you were excellent at basketball, you will go on and achieve that Gold medal, every faith in you.

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