One Year To Tokyo

Yesterday marked one year until the opening ceremony of the Paralympic games in Tokyo and what a great excuse to restart my blog.

I could make a million excuses about why I stopped posting but the long and short is that life got on top of me and other things became a higher priority. But all is well and excited about the year ahead.

The past year has been quieter than the one before but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been competing. I’ve competed at the following events:

  • Asian Open – September 18 – 110kg – 4th place
  • Fazza World Cup – February 19 – 112kg – Bronze
  • Eger World Cup – April 19 – 115kg – Gold
  • British Championships – June 19 – 116kg – Gold
  • World Championships – July 19 – 120kg – 7th place

When I see it written down like that, it’s totally crazy to think I’ve managed to find 10 kilos in a year. My progress has slowed down but has definitely not stopped. Now I just need to find another 10 kilos in the next year.

The World Championships was a fantastic competition for me. Not just because I got a 5kg international PB but also because I got 9 white lights. That’s something I’ve never managed to do before, especially on an international stage. For those that don’t know, each of the 3 lifts are judged by the 3 referee and you are awarded a white light if the lift is good, or a red light if the lift is not good. To get 9 white lights is essentially a perfect score.

While I had a fantastic World Championships, my excellent performance only got me 7th in the world. It was the most competitive female class by a very long way and the medal zone has moved from 125kg to 130kg. That means we’ve got a lot of work to do but seeing those beautiful Tokyo 2020 medals has motivated me so much.

Looking ahead, the next major competition is the test event which is happening in Tokyo at the end of September. This promises to be a fantastic event and will take place in the actual venue where the Tokyo Paralympics ParaPowerlifting will take place in 2020. In my opinion, to be able to compete in the actual venue I hope to be competing in for the Paralympics is the best preparation possible. It gives us an opportunity to trial jet lag strategies, hydration strategies and so much more.

I look forward to writing about the test event at the end of September but if you can’t wait until then for the next installment then please check out my social media channels where I post more regularly. Thank you for joining me on this crazy journey so far, your support means everything to me.

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  1. Words cannot express how delighted we are to follow your great achievements. Your adventures and successes are the dreams if others but you Lou,work hard to be at the top. We are proud of you here in America and happy to be your admiring fans. We will continue to pray for your continued good health and safe travels. You and the family are special to us. Sending love and best wishes for September and the year ahead. Margaret and family.

  2. Absolutely delighted for you you have achieved so much and in so short a time Tokyo is waiting for you we will be watching
    If you need a break or a little sunshine you know where we
    Are would love to see you and Alex again luv fa auntie Helen and guv x

  3. Your idea of a quieter year Lou is most peoples idea of crazy busy!!!! Two family weddings, your sisters included, selling your house, moving into a flat and then hunting for somewhere more permanent to live! Combined with your unwavering commitment to progress in para powerlifting and everything associated with that; strict diet, health, physio, daily training for hours, reviews, planning etc etc and the huge amount of travelling you do not only internationally but every week, its no wonder there has been little time for blogs! All of that would have floored the weak amongst us but you keep going because you are made of strong stuff, physically and mentally and you have a goal! Thank you for working so hard to represent your team and country; always with a smiling face. You are a great role model and a great ambassador for sport. I’m so proud of you.
    And thank you to the wonderful team in Loughborough who support you in everything you do.
    Go Lou – will be following you (literally) in every event up to 2020 in Tokyo. xx

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