New Direction

Well it has been almost a year since my last post and despite having written a few blogs, they never quite made it to the website for many reasons!

Life has thrown a huge number of challenges at me since I returned from Italy in April and although it has been a difficult time I can’t help but feel that things are finally falling back into place. After retiring from international Wheelchair Basketball, I have felt that I needed a new challenge so I tried a few different sports. I spent a while training with the GB ParaCanoe team but unfortunately I was not the classification they had hoped so that was the end of that little adventure.

Then I stumbled upon Para-Powerlifting, now I’ve always been strong and I love the gym but I could not have imagined that my body would take the the sport in such a positive way. I’ve been training with a powerlifting focus since June and have gone from strength to strength and in my first competition this weekend I got myself a lovely gold medal, a clean 92kg lift and a hell of a lot of confidence. This is not a competitive weight in world competition but I have time and a lot of motivation to get to a place where I can compete in world class competition.

I’m still very much involved in Wheelchair Basketball and with London Titans and this season have found myself coaching not only 2nd Division but also the Premier Division team as well as playing a little in the 1st Division. So I have some challenges to overcome to ensure I have balance but my training focus has definitely changed.

I have been thinking about what I can do to make my website and blog more interesting and relevant to the changes that have happened in my world in the last couple of years so stay tuned as there will be some changes happening in the coming weeks.

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